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Sum of Art 2012 by AlinaJames Sum of Art 2012 by AlinaJames
As usual, PLEASE DO NOT FAV THIS, it's just a meme I write for my own self basically, like a timecapsule.

So~ 2012 went by quite fast, I must say. Wow! And we all expected disasters and catastrophes, but I think it was quite a calm year for the most part.
At least in my life there were no significant changes, I'm on my last year of university, so I think 2013 will be more wild. We'll see!

Now, onto art comments.

I started going to Art School this September, although I've only attended about 6 classes so far so I can't say it helped me with anything yet, so I'm looking forward to it in '13!

Once again, as I make a compilation of my works, I don't see any progress throughout the year, but when I look back on previous memes I can see it cleary! Which makes me happy. It's not going as fast as I would like it to... but it's still there! Which is great.

This year I did quite a lot of finished pictures, some of them still make me really happy (like one from February). I did try to include backgrounds more often, not as complicated as I anticipated, but once again, they are still there, so it's a nice little step forward.
March is traditionally a Devon month ;) I'll stick to that nice tradition. And of course most monthes this year are Homestuck. There are a couple of pictures included that I didn't post here on dA for various reasons.
I also did a whole lot of sketches this year, most of which can be found on my tumblr. I really have to thank nice friendly fandom crowds on Tumblr for inspiring me to draw more, because when you get a lot of feedback you always want to create more pieces.

The thing I am *not* satisfied with at all at the moment is my so to say 'digital skills' - I don't like the way I create lines and colours anymore, I feel like I'm stuck with a certain way of doing it and I'm not moving anywhere with it.
And I haven't go back to painting this year, which is a shame since it was one of my goals I set up 12 month ago.

Finally, I can say that I still enjoy doing art as much as I did before, and even though I'm surrounded by 16-year-old-artistic-geniuses, I still believe that I can someday become a really neat artist too :) So please stick with me!

Previous years can be seen below:
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December 29, 2012
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